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Why Some People Are Sentenced to a Maximum-Security Prison


When you watch news stories covering criminal cases, you’ll often hear the word maximum security prisons and minimum security prisons mentioned. Many people find it difficult to understand why some people are sentenced to maximum security prisons. What are Maximum Security Prisons Maximum-security prisons doesn’t necessarily mean that the prison is considerably worse than a […]

What Parents Should Know About Fentanyl (Accidental Exposures to Fentanyl)


Every parent should be worried about fentanyl. It’s showing up with increasing regularity in common street drugs. Unfortunately, the synthetic opioid is often missed with common street drugs because it’s a cheap way to increase the potency of other drugs. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than plain heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. In […]

Bereavement Leave in California

Bereavement is the time it takes a person to handle the passing of a loved one. It isn’t much time. It is literally just enough time to arrange for a funeral and to handle the immediate legal necessities connected to your loved one’s passing. Once the bereavement period has passed, you’ll have to return to […]

Can I Be Arrested and Lose My Driver’s License for Speeding


The sight of blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror and the realization that you are going way above the posted speed limit causes everyone to break out in a cold sweat. The faster you’re going, the more likely it is that you’ll find yourself spontaneously worrying about things like, can I be arrested and […]

What Most People Are Arrested for in California


There are many different crimes a person can be charged with. Interestingly, there are some charges that no one ever seems to be charged with and other charges that the California courts handle every single day. Here are the crimes that most people are arrested for. Drug Related Charges You could face many different types […]

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