Can you Get Bailed Out For Free?

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Being released from jail on Own Recognizance is like the ultimate get out of jail free card. Most people are required to pay bail if they want to be released, which can be hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, when the judge allows a defendant to be released on own recognizance, that means the defendant merely signs a document promising to appear for scheduled court. With that, he or she is on his or her way with no money transfers whatsoever. Of course, this person will need to keep his or her word, because if he or she does not, he or she can be arrested once more. This time, he or she will be required to pay bail if he or she wants to be released a second time, provided bail is even allowed.

A judge can grant a defendant’s own recognizance release if this defendant is a generally wholesome individual, who is accused of an innocent crime. He or she has demonstrated good behavior throughout life, and this was just one surprising, and minor, hiccup. He or she will also likely have quite a few close relationships with others in the community, so that he or she is less likely to flee and have no one know where.

However, many people are not granted this get out of jail free card; most people are required to pay for bail in some amount. These people then are eligible for bail bonds, which are a more affordable alternative to cash bail. You can get a bail bond from South Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, one of California’s leading bail bond companies with incredible success and high praise.

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