Be Careful Meeting People from the Internet in Real Life

online safety tips

Over the last few years, the internet has become an almost integral part of people’s everyday lives. Most people can’t go a day without going online for one reason or another. The internet has allowed people to do a whole lot without ever leaving their homes, such as shopping or communicating with people. As detached […]

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Can You Believe Teachers Have to Do This?

substitute teacher

Teachers arguably have one of the most important jobs out there. Without teachers, knowledge wouldn’t be shared and kids would likely become adults without having enough knowledge to get very far. Unfortunately, despite their importance, teachers are often notoriously under paid. They are often so underpaid, that most TV shows will make a joke about […]

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Be Wary of Scammers Looking to Take Your Hard Earned Money

report scammers

Most people are just trying to do their very best to get through life. They work hard to earn an income and provide their family with everything they could possibly need. Doing so isn’t easy, it is very rewarding. Unfortunately, there are those out there that would prefer to take the easy route. There are […]

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Leaving Kids Alone in a Car Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

consequences for leaving kids in car

Winter has come and gone, giving way to spring. With spring comes warmer weather as we head closer to summer. While many Californians are excited for the warmer temperatures and bright sunshine, it is important to remember that these temperatures can be dangerous. Sometimes when people are driving around town running errands, they have to […]

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Are Nanny Cams Legal in California?

daycare safety

There is no denying that most parents only want what is best for their children. They want their children to be happy and successful. Unfortunately, in today’s fast moving and expensive world, it can be hard for parents to always be there for their child. Typically, people try to get trusted friends or family members […]

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