The first thing the judge does is determine if you’ll be given the option to post bail and secure your release from jail. In most cases, bail is granted, but there are exceptions.

If bail is granted, the second thing the judge does is decide how much bail is required. There are guidelines in place that the judge uses to determine what a reasonable amount of bail is based on what you’ve been charged with. In addition to the actual charges, they will also look at your criminal history, the details of the investigation, and your ties to the community.

The final thing that happens at the arraignment is that the judge may decide to provide you with a list of conditions that you must follow while you’re out on bail. These conditions vary from one case to the next but can include the following:

  • Electronic monitoring
  • Following a strict curfew
  • Not leaving a specific geographical area
  • Not being involved in any criminal activity
  • Not associating with certain people

If the judge has provided you with a list of conditions that you’re supposed to follow while you’re out on bail, it’s important that you understand that these conditions aren’t optional. They’re mandatory. Failing to observe every single one and following it to the letter will result in your bail getting revoked and you being arrested again. It’s unlikely that you’ll be granted bail the second time.

Don’t assume that because you’re charged with minor offenses and the judge didn’t assign any specific conditions to your bail that you’re free to do whatever you want. You’re not. There are still some things you must do while you’re out on bail.

The most important thing you must do when you’re out on bail is to attend all of your mandatory court dates. Missing a single one will result in your bail getting forfeited. Make getting to your court dates your number one priority. If something does happen that will make you late for the appointment, contact the courthouse right away and let them know what has happened. Be prepared to present proof of the delay when you arrive at the courthouse.

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