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Who Do You Call? Chinatown Bail Bond Store

Chinatown Bail Bond Store

When one is arrested, they will contact their close friends and family who they can confide in. They will also contact a lawyer to help them through the case. If they are eligible to post bail, they will get a bail agent because paying cash bail is ridiculously expensive. Wondering which company is the best […]

How You Should, and Shouldn’t, Conduct Yourself in Court

Chinatown Bail Bond Store

How you represent yourself at your court hearing is nearly as important as the case your lawyer is making. Your body language, dress, and overall presentation, speaks volumes to the jury, the judge, and others. Granted, some defendants will not be able to present themselves as neatly and professionally as others because they were not […]

Chinatown Bail Bond Store Can Do a Lot, but Not Everything

You may think that Chinatown Bail Bond Store might be the one group who can help you through your whole legal situation, but as much as we would like that to be true, it is not. Chinatown Bail Bond Store can certainly help with your bail needs, providing you with an affordable, low monthly for […]