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How Can I Lower Bail?

Westlake Bail Bond Store

Bail is money owed to court in order for a defendant to be released from jail. The amount owed depends on the crime that the defendant is being accused of, any prior criminal record that he or she has, and their financial ability to pay for bail. Bail is set considerably high to encourage the […]

San Fernando Bail Bond Store Bail Agents Are The Best You’ll Get Anywhere

Being a bail bondsman in the bail bond industry where the life and freedom of somebody (who is more than likely to be a complete stranger), is a serious undertaking. A high school diploma isn’t sufficient enough; neither is 4 years of an under-graduate degree; let alone a masters or doctorate in science, physical therapy, […]

Understanding False Arrests

As you’re well aware, not every person who has been arrested is truly guilty of the crime they were arrested for. When law enforcement wrongly arrests a person, it is called a false arrest and is actually a crime in itself. A false arrest by the police is not one that is not supported by […]

Rights During Detention Versus During An Arrest

It’s important to understand the differences between being detained and being arrested because a person’s rights will change under each situation. Detention The police have reasonable suspicion to stop an individual for a short period of time. The police suspect that the individual was involved in, is in involved in, or has knowledge about a […]

Using Your Right To Bail

If you have the right to bail, why not use it? By not posting bail you’re punishing yourself by sitting in jail for an extremely uncertain amount of time. It could take days, weeks, or even months for you release depending on your situation. You’re not allowing yourself to spend time with your friends and […]