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What Happens If I Bail Someone Out of Jail and They Do Not Show Up for Court?

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You definitely do not want that to happen. If you pay for someone’s bail bond and they do not show up for court, you will feel consequences. You will have to pay off the bail, more than you would have paid if they showed up for court, and the collateral you pledged will need to […]

What To Know Before Cosigning A Bail Bond

Before co-signing a bail bond, you may want to know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s a nice gesture to do for that friend or family member who has been arrested because it not only shows that you care about them, but that you’re willing to support them through this whole ordeal as well. However, […]

Bail Bond Associated Terms, Defined

Before you agree to a bail bond company and their payment plan they set you up on, you’re going to want to know and be very well versed with the following common terms that are associated with bail and Bail bonds. By knowing and understanding these following terms, understanding the bail process and how that […]