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You Can Be The Role Model To Your Older Sibling

Whenever you might hear that “age is nothing but a number” you really should believe it. However, in the dating world, the professional world, and even within the family, this mantra may not always apply. A younger sibling might not always be considered to be the more immature and irresponsible child in the family. He […]

How Bail Protects Your Loved One

When a person does not post bail, they must remain in police custody until and during their trial. This is not in the best interest of the defendant because what they experience in jail is far worse than what they receive at home. Going to jail is an overall horrible experience. The physical boundaries that […]

About Kaitlyn’s Law

‘Kaitlyn Russell’ was a six month old infant who died after she was left alone in a parked car for over two hours. Her unfortunate death is the force behind “Kaitlyn’s Law”, which makes it illegal for a child 6 years of age or younger to be left unsupervised by anyone who is not at […]