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A Rocky Start to 2017, but Who Really Cares?

Compton Bail Bond Store

So it is already days into 2017 and you have learned that a good friend of yours has already been arrested. Well, that may have been fast, but it is definitely not too late to resolve some of the matters and get his or her life back on track. It is not too late to […]

Explaining Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested for a crime, he or she will have an arraignment hearing, at which time the judge will announce how much his or her bail is. Fortunately, the individual does not have to pay for bail on his or her own. Anyone can help pay for bail if they wish, though […]

How Bail Protects Your Loved One

When a person does not post bail, they must remain in police custody until and during their trial. This is not in the best interest of the defendant because what they experience in jail is far worse than what they receive at home. Going to jail is an overall horrible experience. The physical boundaries that […]

The Evolution of Bail

When judges set bail at a specific amount of money for a defendant, that individual or anyone on their behalf must pay that amount to the court to be released from jail. This is known as bail. This concept in the justice system has evolved over centuries and has quite the history. Bail first began […]

Avoid These Common Bail Bond Mistakes

The bail bond process is complicated, yet simplified with Mojave Bail Bond Store. We know that you really don’t want to cause any more unnecessary issues. This would just complicate the process, waste time, possibly delay the defendant’s release, and potentially, jeopardize the status of the bail bond. Here are some common mistakes that many […]