What Most People Are Arrested for in California


There are many different crimes a person can be charged with. Interestingly, there are some charges that no one ever seems to be charged with and other charges that the California courts handle every single day.

Here are the crimes that most people are arrested for.

Drug Related Charges

You could face many different types of charges if you’re caught with drugs, but all of them are lumped together as drug crimes.
Some people are arrested and charged with a drug-related offense because they were a person of interest in a police investigation, which ultimately turned up enough evidence to justify an arrest.

In other cases, the person makes a mistake, such as having drugs in plain sight during a traffic stop and getting charged with a crime.


Larceny, or as it’s also called, petty theft, is a common charge. While people commit larceny throughout the state, the largest concentration of larceny charges tends to be in areas that are struggling economically. The reason for this is that the average person steals because they’re desperate for money to help them cover their living expenses.

To be charged with larceny rather than a more serious burglary charge, the incident could not have involved the use of force, and you could not have used coercion during the crime. You’ll face significantly more serious charges if there is even a hint of violence.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Despite all the warnings and public service announcements, DUIs are still a huge problem in California. If you’re caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be charged and arrested. It’s extremely difficult to fight a DUI charge. Once you’ve been convicted, you’ll have a criminal record, be unable to drive for a period of time, and face some heavy fines. It’s even possible that you’ll be sentenced to some jail time.

Homicide and Other Gun Related Charges

One of the interesting things you discover when you look at California’s current crime-related statistics is that when you compare the crime rate of 2021 to 2019, some crimes dropped. The number of robbery-related crimes showed significant change, dropping a full 15.8% in 2021. While the decrease in robberies was good, the increase in gun-related crimes, including homicides, was significantly more alarming. During that same time frame, homicides and aggravated assaults that involved the use of a firearm increased by 52% (homicides) and 64% (aggravated assaults.)