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Struggles of Getting Arrested Out of State

Los Angeles Statewide Bail Bonds in Downtown

While Los Angeles Statewide Bail Bonds in Downtown is one of the best bail bond companies in California, they cannot help you if you or a loved one is arrested outside of the state. Los Angeles Statewide Bail Bonds in Downtown can only operate within California, so you would need to find a local out-of-state […]

What to do if the Cops Pull You Over

Los Angeles Statewide Bail Bonds

What you do and say to a cop when you are pulled over can have an effect on the outcome of the situation. Anytime you are in the presence of a police officer, especially if they are pulling you over, stopping you, or wanting to question you, it is in your best interest to speak […]

Is it a Crime to Witness One, and Not Report it?

Los Angeles Statewide Bail Bonds

It is a crime to file a false police report, but it is not a crime to witness one, and not report it happen. It might come as a surprise for some people to know that someone is not obligated to report a crime to the police if they have witnessed one or know about […]

When the Police Don’t Need a Search Warrant

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Under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, people are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures conducted by law enforcement. This means that the police cannot conduct a search, or seize anything, unless they either hold a valid search warrant executed by a judge, or the search falls under an exception to the requirement […]

Need a Warrant Check in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Statewide Bail Bonds

It is not uncommon for a warrant to be issued for someone’s arrest without that person actually knowing. Eventually, the person gets wind of this warrant somehow, and can begin to panic. No one wants to get arrested, and finding out that law enforcement have been looking to arrest you can be terrifying. If you […]